About Me

Hi my name is Abby Conlon,

I’m a mum to a beautiful boy, Harrison.
I have quite a few interests, including sewing, machine embroidery and Roller Derby.
I’m member of WA Roller Derby League
No I’m not contact cleared yet, but hope to be one day.
I have also been a Marriage Celebrant since 2005.

Over the last 15 years I have been working as a lending specialist within Australian banking industry, assisting many people buying their first home, re-financing their home loans, assisting them with investment loans and providing competitive rates and solutions for their financial needs.

Having Harrison around has given me the inspiration and confidence to make the jump into the broking area. Having a work/life balance whilst being able to give the best rate for your individual situation and service has been an ultimate goal of mine.

As such please welcome.

Conlon Financial Solutions

You can contact me by clicking here.